Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hey everyone,

I’m currently on a plane, on my way back home from New York and thought I’d update my blog with information about the awesome time I had on holiday, despite having an explosion onboard the cruise ship. I started a new job onboard the S.S Kampala about a month ago. As well as working, I was able to see some magnificent sites around the world. Some amazing things happened to me whilst being onboard the ship. I was hailed as a hero for saving a young girl who was trapped below the deck at the time of the explosion. You may have seen this story on the news or on the front page of the New York Times. I was thrilled to have my name published around the world. The best thing about travelling on the cruise ship is all the new people you get to meet. I made many friends both onboard and off board the ship, and have some unforgettable memories. I highly recommend travelling on a cruise ship instead of flying.

My journey started in Adelaide where we boarded the S.S Kampala. I was very happy and excited to be boarding the cruise ship, headed for New Zealand. New Zealand was one of my favourite countries to see because they had amazing scenery such as the greenery and mountains. New Zealand had some wicked activities to do, like White Water Rafting and Snow sports, at one of the many magnificent mountains they have over there. I absolutely loved New Zealand and reckon you should definitely go there!

The next country we sailed to was Fiji and what can I say? It was the most unforgettable experience of my life. I stayed at a resort named the Sheraton Resort and wow; it was like heaven on earth! It had amazing swimming pools, day spas, cocktail bars and best of all, comfy beds. I suggest if you ever go to Fiji and are looking for somewhere to stay, book a room there. You may also know Fiji for its surfing. It had some of the most breathtaking waves to surf! It had to be my one of my favourite parts of the cruise.

New York had to be my favourite place. It was so busy in the city like everyone was buzzing around. It was incredible. Even though we were flown to New York straight after the explosion onboard the ship, I still had a lot of fun there. I went to several places in New York but the two best places had to be The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. The Empire State Building had amazing views from its observation deck and I was able to take some brilliant photos. The Statue of Liberty was a truly unforgettable sight. I saw it at night so it was lit up and had a beautiful blue/green coloured glow beaming off of it. If you have ever wanted to go to New York, I suggest that you go!

I really would recommend going to all these places because they have the most incredible things to see and do. The cruise was truly exceptional and would also recommend going on one but maybe not the cruise company that I sailed with, as they still don’t know what caused the explosion. Even though we missed out going to Los Angeles, I’m still very happy with the places I saw.
Hopefully this helps you if you are thinking of travelling to any of these places.

Kaylee x